Video editing is gaining momentum worldwide because of its extreme need as a marketing strategy. Many companies have shifted their focus from just text and image content to video content to gain online visibility and harness traffic.

In a world where digital content determines consumer behavior at large, video editing plays a tremendously significant role. Online consumer behavior data clearly depicts the situation where a lion’s share of buyers is influenced by audio visual content more than any other medium.

According to a study by Optinmonster, marketers who invest in videography get access to 66% more lead traffic than those who do not and successfully execute 54% brand awareness. 93% of digital marketers also claim that video marketing has landed them new customers.

Marketing expert Seth Godin once said:

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell"

A well-made video helps marketers tell a story better and the audience understands it better, be it about the launch of a new product or the journey of a CSR campaign. Brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Dove understand how important the storytelling aspect of branding, and the immense success of all their video marketing campaign is a testament to that.

The responsibility of any video editor for hire is to help the marketer tell the story of the brand by developing scripts, creating storyboards, editing photos and videos for multiple platforms, from short media to long-form platforms.

The importance of video editing itself explains how indispensable video editors are for any marketing campaign. It is the contribution of a video editor that takes a regular video clip and turns it into a storytelling video package that generates a reaction among the audience, therefore amplifying engagement and improving branding.

There are various ways of hiring a video editor for your campaign. You can either avail of their services from a video editing firm, hire them as a freelancer, recruit them as employees, or bring them on board on a contract basis:

1. Video Editors for Hire as a Freelancer

For enterprises that do not have video editing needs on a frequent basis, hiring a freelancer is the ideal solution. Working with a freelancer has its own share of benefits and disadvantages. On the one hand, companies can hire them whenever needed and do not have to pay a fixed monthly or weekly stipend, but still get the same level of expertise as an employed professional. On the other hand, freelancers have their own rates, and the best service providers of the industry often charge a higher project fee as their work is much in demand. Freelancers also work without time constraints, which may or may not be beneficial to the client depending on their own requirements and work schedule.

Various websites offer the services of freelancers like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, or SkillSoniq.

SkillSoniq is an AI-based recruiting app that evaluates the client's requirements in great detail and connects the employer with a highly tailored list of freelance contractors and employees within seconds. They group their freelancers according to a ranking system that evaluates their experience, reviews, and skills. To hire talent, click here.

2. Video Editors for Hire on a Contract Basis

Employers hire contractors on a contract basis for a particular period instead of on an ongoing basis. Their services are similar to freelancers but with certain constraints, such as working with only one client at a time. Hiring a video editor on a contract basis becomes a lot easier if you know their strengths and weaknesses, which can be judged from their previous works showcased on their portfolios. You can find a video editor for hire on a contract basis on any recruiting website, and evaluate their talent and skillsets based on past work and feedback.


3. Availing Services of a Video Editing Firm

These are the firms that provide specialized services in video editing. They provide services like converting footage into a visually appealing video. They can be selected based on portfolios showcased on their website, on various social media accounts, or even with the testimonies of past clients. Some video editing firms are Viddedit, BX Films, Kyro Digital, and Casual Films. These firms provide editing services and video creation services, which are helpful if you are not aware of any aspects of video making.

4. Video Editors for Hire as Employees

If your organization has a consistent requirement of video editors, an ideal option could be to hire freelancers and convert them to your payroll as an employee, or to hire a video editor as an employee from Day 1. An employer can find a skilled video editor for hire on various employment websites, web postings, or multiple channels. Hiring a professional video editor is not a huge task due to the 24/7 availability of video editing professionals locally, regionally, and nationally. Some websites that offer hiring services are Indeed, Glassdoor, FlexJobs, or LinkedIn.


Several factors go into creating the perfect marketing campaign. From the birth of an idea to the release of the campaign to tracking it for leads – a lot of steps are involved in making a campaign successful.

In the case of a video marketing campaign, a video editor for hire is an important cog in the mechanism whose contribution towards making it a success is very crucial. Therefore, an entrepreneur or the marketing team of a company must take a well-thought-out decision regarding how to go about hiring a video editor. The decision can make or break the campaign – so considering all the options is important.


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