An independent contractor is a person who provides work under a contract to companies for a short duration of time. Considering a contractor to hire gives businesses a chance to bring in individuals with professional knowledge. The number of employers looking to hire these contractors has risen significantly. Many organizations hire contractors rather than permanent employees as they can be more cost-efficient. Before hiring, make sure to keep in mind proper steps when considering a contractor to hire.

1. A Contractor To Hire Should Have A Detailed Plan

Keep in mind to keep your requests as detailed as possible, including the skills required, project time frame, and deliverability benchmarks. Share your plans directly with the contractors and as needed, break them into small steps so you can easily track their progress. Since you would have to define everything that you require, keep in mind to communicate either by calls or by scheduling online video conferences to make sure that your contractor understands the scope of work.

2. Choose The Right Contractor To Hire

Choosing the right contractor for your project is essential. Look for someone with experience in doing the specific tasks you need done. Ask them about their previous work, in domains such as content writing, web development, graphic designing, etc. Some skilled contractors stick to a particular job, but some will bid on any project they can find. The key metrics to look at when considering a contractor to hire are by checking their ratings, feedback, and his/her repeat hire rate. It can help assess a contractor's attitude towards work, their job expertise, punctuality, etc.

3. They Should Understand Your Company

When considering a contractor to hire, an organization should concentrate on a contractor's understanding of branding and positioning in the industry. It's also a big plus if they're familiar with your company and the industry you operate in. When the contractor understands the company's personality, they're able to deliver high quality work.

4. Assess the Attitude Of The Contractor To Hire

Contractors or freelancers might be with you for a limited period, but this period is crucial to the progress of your company. So, if they do not have a professional attitude towards their work, they will not provide much value despite having skills needed to get the job done. While having contractors to hire, employers need to check if they are working efficiently with the team and communicate well because miscommunication can cause big blunders. Even if the contract signed is for a limited period, working with someone unpleasant will make your project a nightmare.


5. Pay When The Project Is Completed & Delivered

It is not the best idea to search for a contractor on your own. There are many freelance websites where you can choose contractors and pay them directly using the site's escrow system. Use one that releases the payment to the contractor only after you have signed off on the project. Never pay up-front, and these websites will make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with the project before proceeding with the payment. One such website from where you can consider a contractor to hire is SkillSoniq. SkillSoniq is a free AI-powered recruiting app that believes in smart hiring. They are a marketplace that connects companies with local and experienced freelancers in the same city. SkillSoniq has a "contract to hire" model, which means companies have the option to try our freelancers and convert the best ones to the payroll. Currently, SkillSoniq operates in 5 major cities in North America. For other queries on hiring a contractor, click here.

6. Don't Fall For Offers By Contractors Outside The Recruiting Platforms

If a contractor says they will offer you a lower price offline, be cautious because of zero protection if things don't go as planned. Recruiting websites like SkillSoniq are designed to keep your project on track and protect your best interest in keeping the communication and payments on the platform. Trust them and opt for a recruiting website if considering a contractor to hire.

7. Draft A Formal Contract

Finally, if your company wants to go ahead with hiring on your own, you should focus on drafting a formal contract. It needs to be appropriate because both parties should be on the same page about project expectations. The agreement should cover all essential terms, including a clear introductory statement, terms, conditions, the scope of work, how to deal with changes, legal rights, copyright, payment, and termination. With a basic contract outline developed beforehand, the hiring process becomes a lot easier.

Moving Ahead

Now that you know the steps that your organization should take when considering a contractor to hire, you can sign up on freelance websites to get started. Keep your needs and the needs of the organization in mind throughout the process. If you are interviewing candidates instead of hiring from websites, having a checklist of interview questions will make your task easier.


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