Recruiting freelancers is not an easy job. There is plenty of assessment to be done regarding their work qualifications and legitimacy of work and experience. It has often been noticed that recruiters encounter quite a bit of hassle in their quest to hire freelancers.

In a bid to simplify the said process, here's our take on multiple ways through which recruits can hire freelancers who are skilled, competent, and true to their experience.


Five Things to Look For While Hiring Freelancers Via Online Job Portals

1. Dissect your needs before hiring professional freelancers

Online portals are very meticulous when it comes to highlighting specific qualifications and professional needs. It becomes imperative for a recruiter to dissect and clarify his or her work needs to filter out candidates and select those who will contribute greatly to your business endeavors. This process saves a substantial amount of time and effort, therefore helping in recruiting skilled candidates.

2. Quality over quantity

The following phrase sits well in situations where a recruiter is embroiled in a deep process to hire freelancers. A recruiter must carefully examine the amount of productivity a candidate brings in through his or her experience without paying emphases on qualifications. Of course, qualifications do add weight to a candidate's resume but nothing can trump experience when it comes to assessing which candidate will work best for the advertised post.

3. Qualification backed by experience

A recruiter in a bid to hire freelancers that are skilled and polished must watch out for mandatory qualifications that are in alignment with his business endeavors. A candidate who provides past work experience that syncs with his current qualification is a great addition to any organization and will help in accelerating the growth of the organization.


4. Online video assessment

Since we're living in a world struck by a pandemic, a lot of jobs have undergone work from the home structure where many critical postings are now allowing freelancers to work on a remote basis. In such situations, it becomes imperative for a recruiter to hire personnel only after conducting a thorough online video sessions and determining the quality and character of a freelancer before hiring him for the role. This will ascertain that the candidate is true to his words and actions and is truly a great fit for the company.

5. Smart filtering

In a fast-paced 21st century world, gone are the days when recruiters have to go through heaps of organizations to hire freelancers that are suitable for the job. A recruiter must work smart and have access to skilled job boards and recruiting apps like SkillSoniq to filter candidates and weed out unnecessary resumes.

How Can SkillSoniq Help Recruiters Hire Skilled Freelancers?

SkillSoniq, being a leading AI-powered recruiting app helps recruiters hire freelancers effectively via:

1. Intelligent AI-powered filtration to deliver accurate matches

A recruiter needs to just highlight his necessary professional needs in the app to find relevant matches. This feature saves substantial time and helps recruiters find potential candidates in minutes.

2. Smart cost-effective pricing

As a comprehensive recruiting app, we do understand the efforts a company has to make while hiring freelancers. SkillSoniq, in a bid to help recruiters find skilled freelancers, charges a cost-effective fee to ensure that the clients get the best of personnel with minimum efforts.


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