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Client Testimonials
Brian D., Lead Techie

"Their algorithm really works. It understands our requirements to give us accurate matches."

Nidhi photo1
Nidhi V., Customer Success Manager

"SkillSoniq has saved us a lot of money, as we were able to work with their hourly workers at a nominal rate before giving out full-time offers."

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Valerie P., HR Account Manager

"SkillSoniq believes in speed and quality! We built a team of 5 high quality tech workers in New York in just 3 weeks!"

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Madhuri V., Project Manager

"SkillSoniq is the only site that gives past performance on hourly workers, so we know whom we are hiring!"

How We Work

Our workers are NOT remote. They work at the client site alongside their colleagues, so you can build a team you trust.

Why Us?
Top 10% curated workers in Tech, Operations, and Marketing

Our workers are thoroughly vetted for skills and only the top 10% are approved on our platform.

Receive Personalized Candidate Matches

Receive personalized candidate matches starting at $15/Hr with relevant skills and experiences highlighted for you.

Intelligent Algorithms give you the best workers

We capture 15+ attributes from you and our algorithms get smarter with every worker you screen.

Our worker pool is actively recruiting

Our algorithms match you only with workers who are interested and can join you in your office on Day 1.

No Middlemen!

You are matched with and deal directly with real workers - No staffing agencies.

Hire Hourly Workers across offices

We provide you skilled hourly workers "onsite" so you can build a team you trust.

Test hourly workers before offering full-time

You can test drive hourly workers in your office before giving them a full-time offer. Saves you time and money.

Track worker progress in real-time

Track worker performance, give feedback ratings, and access timesheets with a simple, easy to use employer dashboard.

Pay us only when you are happy!

We are free for you to post unlimited projects and screen unlimited workers. You pay us in installments after you hire a worker.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why should I use SkillSoniq?

    SkillSoniq is the simplest, most efficient way for hiring managers to find skilled on-site talent. We are the perfect fit for you if you:

    1. Want to hire high quality Tech, Marketing and Ops workers starting at $15/hr
    2. Prefer working with talent on-site, rather than outsourcing work
    3. Are looking to save on exorbitant agency fees
    4. Want to simply test workers for a bit, before rolling out full-time offers

    Through our intelligent machine learning techniques, you directly get connected with the best, most affordable Tech, Ops and Marketing talent required for you to kick-start or grow your business.

  2. How are you able to source candidates at such low pay rates?

    We are able to provide you quality candidates in your office starting at $15/Hr, which is lower than what you would pay for freelance workers who you have never seen! This is because of the following reasons:

    1. Candidates have recently switched industries and domains, hence are looking to start at low pay rates
    2. Candidates are looking to get paid a low rate to be able to get a foot in the door, and hopefully be offered a full-time gig by you!
    3. Candidates are looking for supplemental part-time gigs to make more money and gain relevant experience
  3. What type of hourly workers do you have on the platform?

    All are workers are 1099 independent contractors. These workers work with the end client for an hourly fee. The end client pays SkillSoniq based on hours worked by the freelancer. SkillSoniq keeps a placement fee and passes on the rest to the contractor.

  4. How does your matching algorithm work?

    We collect 15+ of the most important attributes from both the candidate and employer, in the form of structured data. Our data is collected through a simple, easy to fill form. Because we collect mostly structured data, our Machine Learning powered models are able to assign and refine weights for each of the 15+ feature vectors, and assess the best matches between projects and candidates.

    With every decision made by both the employer and the candidate, the algorithm gets smarter, so you can get the best project matches.

  5. What is your price?

    SkillSoniq is free for users to post unlimited projects and screen unlimited candidates. You pay us a small placement fee only once you hire a candidate. We do not charge you a fee upfront, which helps you ease your cash flows.

    We charge employers 10% of the Bill Rate they agree to pay for a project. This is so that we can maintain our operations and keep working to get better candidate matches. Our pricing is much lower than what staffing companies charge, and we also beat freelance websites that charge north of 10% to give you workers in remote parts of the world. Most of our competitors charge commissions upfront, whereas with SkillSoniq, you pay us in installments, every time you pay a worker.

  6. How do I pay the worker?

    You will need to pay SkillSoniq every week by Tuesday at 11:59pm based on the amount of hours worked by the worker from Monday through Sunday for the previous week. We provide a consolidated invoice for all the workers you have hired on SkillSoniq, so that you have to pay just one entity, as opposed to paying several workers individually. Once we receive payment from you, we will retain the placement fee and pass on the rest to the worker.

  7. How can my company join SkillSoniq?

    You can sign up with us for free and begin posting projects right away! Our technology ensures that we connect you with the best matches as soon as you post a project!

  8. What sort of candidates are on your marketplace?

    We offer candidates in 3 broad buckets required by any company:

    1. Tech roles: These comprise of Developers, UI/UX Designers and Product Managers who will help you build your products
    2. Ops roles: These comprise of Operations specialists who will help you with documentation, process optimization and reporting
    3. Marketing roles: These comprise of digital marketers and growth hackers who will help you expand your business
  9. Any advice for recruiting successfully?

    Unlike on most recruitment platforms, our candidates are always on the go and are actively looking for a project. This means that we have a very high interview and job offer acceptance rate on our platform, and you do not waste time reviewing a candidate who is not interested in switching jobs.

    Almost every candidate you contact on SkillSoniq will respond to your offer, either accepting your interview request or stating a reason for declining your interview. Once you’re engaged with a candidate, our biggest piece of advice is to move quickly. Either present a project offer, or cancel the interview process within 5-10 business days. The longer you wait, the more companies and offers you’re going to be competing against. You should always move as quickly as the candidate is comfortable with.

  10. Where do you get all your candidates from?

    We value highly skilled candidates or candidates who are willing to learn to get a job of their dreams. We attract candidates through a combination of word-of-mouth, paid and viral marketing. We also have strategic partnerships with top business, engineering and coding schools, such as Dartmouth University, Cornell University, App Academy and Launch Academy.

  11. Can I contact candidates outside of the marketplace?

    Yes, after a candidate has accepted your interview offer, we connect you with the candidate over email. Thereafter, you can communicate with them over email. However, all offers have to be made on our platform, so that candidates check-in to your office, complete timesheets and are paid by us on time.

  12. Do you specialize in a certain industry?

    No, our candidates come from all industry verticals, and hiring managers across all industries hire candidates from our portal.

  13. How long does it take to hire a candidate on SkillSoniq?

    As long as your schedule lines up with the candidates you are interviewing, on average, it takes 20 business days for an employer to get started with a candidate from the time a project is posted on our platform.