Administrative assistants are beneficial to the steady running of an industry, a group, or a department. The jobs for administrative assistants are primarily focused on managing the workplace. If you enjoy scheduling, organizing, and enjoy communicating with people, you should consider a career as an administrative assistant or associate.

Administrative assistants ensure smooth operations and serve as the backbone of an organization. They ensure that daily operations at the workplace are smoothly handled and managed, and control measures are implemented accordingly to maintain workplace efficiency.

Roles of an efficient administrative assistant at the workplace:

• Professionally manage and create/adjust schedules, book appointments, and fix meetings
• Effectively communicate with all customers, vendors, management, and stakeholders via email and phone calls
• Use office productivity software tools to create powerful presentations, memos, emails, newsletters, etc.
• Maintain proper management of data and filing system, either in physical or electronic format to maintain the accuracy of records
• Save time for daily routine activities by automations and scheduling
• Confidently manage resources at their disposal at the workplace

We have listed down the skills, responsibilities/duties and job qualifications needed in candidates applying for jobs for administrative assistants.

5 Must-Have Skills for Applicants for Jobs for Administrative Assistants

An administrative assistant's work includes engaging in a wide variety of duties so that organizations and individuals can focus on their responsibilities. Delegating tasks to office assistants helps to save time and do away with unnecessary operational hassle in daily activities like documenting, scanning, booking appointments, scheduling appointments, and follow-ups. If you are looking to enter the job market as an administrative assistant, here are few skills that can make you more employable:

1. Powerful Organizational Skills

Organizational skill is imperative in this job. It implies keeping up with tasks, being on top of memos and agendas, maintaining paperwork, managing documentation systems, and regularly leading operational activities in the office in an administrative capacity. Companies also need assistants to implement a powerful and easy to follow filing system, without misplacing documents or items.

2. Excellent Communication Abilities

Communication is a key requisite for the job. Proficiency in oral and written communication is very important for the role. You have to be quick in taking notes, drafting replies, and in communicating with management, vendors, and customers while maintaining dignity.

3. Attention to Detail

Being attentive and active is essential to ensure accuracy in records, avoid inaccuracies in memos, incorrect typos in emails, and mix-ups in schedules and messages.

4. IT Proficiency

Being good with computers and technology is the biggest requirement of a modern office in America. Mastery in the Microsoft Office package, emails, and any additional tools used in the organization is a must. This enables you to be efficient in scheduling meetings, maintaining online calendars, emails, managing electronic filing systems, and updating your company's social media presence.

5. Integrity And Constraint

Administrative experts are always exposed to personal communications, strategy conferences, corporation performance figures, and other confidential information. They are required to maintain the trade secrets and IP of organizations’ internal affairs with high integrity.

Responsibilities and Duties Required in Jobs for Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants operate on a laptop or desktop to generate spreadsheets, maintain statements, manage databases, and create presentations. They document and collect data from several sources within the organization.

Jobs of administrative assistants generally include the below duties and responsibilities:
1. Retain a journal and electronic filing system for documents and memos
2. Track and allocate incoming mail and email
3. Respond to routine messages and email
4. Respond to and attach documents to incoming information
5. Correct spelling and grammar to ensure accuracy
6. Manage fax machines, video conferencing, and phone networks.
7. Utilize computers for spreadsheet, word processing, database management, and different applications


5 Best Recruiting Websites for Getting Jobs for Administrative Assistants

You will be expected to have a C or above grade in mathematics and English GCSE. An employer may ask you for a mock-up typing test before hiring as quick typing skills with a high level of accuracy is the most desirable. When looking out for jobs, aim for recruiting websites that can give you additional features on their platform. Following are some of America’s best websites, where you can source jobs for administrative assistants.

1. Administration Jobs

Administration Jobs is a US-based leading job portal for administrative professionals. Here job seekers can find recruitment related to their niche posted by the employers as per the required skill set. They can find jobs by categories, such as administrative assistants, office managers, sales support, public administration, healthcare administration, or receptionist jobs.

2. Betterteam

Betterteam, a US-based recruiting website, helps job seekers find administrative assistant jobs and different office support faculty with a chart of the leading administrative assistant career boards.

3. Admin Careers

Admin Careers is a niche job board that accepts only administrative assistant related job postings. These include administrative assistant jobs, receptionist jobs, secretary jobs, office manager jobs, executive assistant jobs, and other types of clerical and office support jobs.

4. Adecco

Adecco is an excellent staffing agency to help you find administrative jobs. If you're looking out for an incredible job, you can use Adecco’s services to get in touch with great corporations. Adecco knows thousands of recruiters who are looking for administrative assistants across the US.

5. SkillSoniq

SkillSoniq is a free AI-Powered Recruiting App. It is the least complex and most professional approach for companies to discover talented, nearby, and distant freelancers. You can simply submit your profile on SkillSoniq, after which their technology automatically sends you interview and project offers for Admin Assistant roles. What’s cool is that you can try out various projects and companies, before one of your clients gives you a full-time job on their payroll. They only approve 10% of applications on their platform and you can sign up for free by clicking here.


You can choose these websites if you want to get hired for a specific position. If you're planning to get jobs for administrative assistants as an employee or a freelancer, check out SkillSoniq and various other options mentioned in this article.


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